Receptions arrangements and accommodation

Prices for social services provided by Veisiejai care home for a month from 2023:

The price for one person with a disability - 1173,00 Eur;

The price for one person with a severe disability - 1340,00 Eur;

The price of the temporary care for one person with a disability - 1173,00 Eur;

The price of the temporary care for one person with a severe disability - 1340,00 Eur;

Admission procedure (where to apply):

For the provision of social services, a person or his/her guardian must apply in writing to the municipality of his/her place of residence, where the need for social services is determined individually by the person's request according to the person's independence. A person's independence is assessed in a complex way according to the person's age, functional disorders, and other characteristics that affect the person's ability to take care of themselves.

The care home accommodates elderly people with a high level of special needs and people with a mental disability and/or mental disorder that results in a level of working capacity of 0-40 per cent or a level of high or medium special needs, and a special level of permanent care or a special need for ongoing care (assistance). Priority for the accommodation is given to the victims of the Nazi German occupation authorities.

A person (his guardian, parents) who wishes to settle or accommodate another person shall apply in writing to the support department of the municipality of his or her place of residence, where he or she receives information about the accommodation;

The decision regarding the assignment of services to a person in the care home is made by the director of the municipal administration (a person authorized by him) or a commission formed by him;

Upon the decision of the Commission to accommodate a person in a care home, the documents shall be forwarded to the Department of Disability Affairs under the Ministry of Social Affairs;

The Department of Disability Affairs under the Ministry of Social Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania selects a care home according to the possibilities, taking into account the person's request and after issuing a referral, the person is accommodated in a care home within 1 month;

Persons suffering from acute infectious or other dangerous infectious diseases and acute psychosis are not accepted to the care home.

Documents required for the admission to the care home:

A decision made in accordance with the procedure established by the municipal institution regarding the granting of social care to a person in a care home (form SP-9);

Referral of the Department of Disability Affairs to the Ministry of Social Security and Labor for accommodation in a care home (the referral issued is valid for 30 calendar days);

Identification (passport or identity card);

Certificate of declared residence or confirmation that the person is included in the records of non-residents;

Document confirming social status (certificate of pensioner, unemployed, etc.);

Court order (if the person is incapacitated);

Disability certificate, (disability assessment certificate) and special permanent care needs assessment certificate (SPS-1 form);

Certificate of identification of the special need for constant care (assistance) (form SPP-2);

Certificate of the amount of the received pension;

Extract from medical documents (F027/a) issued by a doctor providing primary outpatient health care, the issue of which may not have been more than 3 months prior to the person's stay in the care home;

Assessment of a person's need for social care (with appendices);

Municipal certificate on the amount of the person's payment for social care;

A letter of guarantee from the municipal social welfare department that the person has no debts to legal entities;

Other documents collected by the municipal commission, its conclusions and recommendations;

Reimbursable medicine passport.