About us

Veisiejai care home is located at Ryto str. 15, Kailiniai village, Veisiejai, Lazdijai district, in a picturesque, ecologically clean place, near Ančia lake and forest. Care home is opened since 1998 October 9.

Veisiejai care home is a budgetary institution, the purpose of which is to provide long-term and short-term social care for non-independent or partially independent people who need constant specialist care. The care home accommodates elderly people with a high level of special needs and people with a mental disability and/or mental disorder that results in a level of working capacity of 0-40 per cent or a level of high or medium special needs, and a special level of permanent care or a special need for ongoing care (assistance). Priority for the accommodation is given to the victims of the Nazi German occupation authorities.

The care home has 78 employees: 6 social workers, their 12 assistants, 32 health care professionals (physician therapist, psychiatrist, 6 general care nurses, their 21 assistants, physiotherapist, masseur, and nutritionist), the rest - management, service and care staff.

The most important aims of the care home are to provide long-term and short-term social care that ensures a person's diverse needs and best interests; to meet the psychological, social, cultural and spiritual needs of each resident, ensuring the freedom of choice, realizing personal needs and encouraging communication with the community. Also to ensure their self-expression, to promote and help their integration into society, depending on the level of independence, needs and interests of the residents of the care home. The care home has its own residents' board.

The goal of the care home is to ensure the provision of quality social services. Social workers listen to the residents, help to solve problems, provide information on issues of concern, intercede and represent their interests in various institutions. Social work takes place in groups; they are formed taking into account the health condition, age and hobbies of the residents. Leisure and activities are organized as well. Public and religious events are being celebrated. The care home provides conditions for active participation in self-expression activities: play checkers, chess, table tennis, billiards. There are eight leisure activity groups: handicrafts, literature lovers, nature lovers, sports and health, relaxation, ethnography and folklore, arts and activities, religious classes. Residents have the opportunity to fish, ride bicycles, use sauna.

Much attention is given to personal health care, rehabilitation and nursing. Secondary outpatient health care services are provided to each resident of a social care home according to their needs: internal diseases; nursing: general care, physical medicine and rehabilitation; physiotherapy, massage. The health condition of the residents is monitored around the clock. The care home performs diagnostic procedures and provides rehabilitation services. In order to improve the ability to move, orientate in the environment, communicate and participate in work activities, the residents are provided with compensatory equipment and personal hygiene products. Personal health care professionals promote a healthy lifestyle, teach residents how to restore and maintain health, and organize conversations on various health topics.

The social care home has a building with a chapel and an armory.